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As a professional provider of complex care packages, 5 care services fully understand that living with a long-term condition and distress from a lack of independence can be particularly challenging for clients and their families.

5 care services can help children and adults that receive complex care at home to live full independent lives in the comfort of their home environment. This can be done by providing client specific care working alongside family and other members of the multi -disciplinary team to provide a high standard of care to meet the client’s needs.

5 care services ensure that all of the carer’s that are provided to complex care packages are fully trained and competent is this area to meet all the needs of our service users. A full list of the complex care training that our employees receive can be found listed on this website.

A key feature of our person-centred approach is the involvement of our clients in the recruitment of the fully trained personal assistants who provide their day-to-day complex care, under the supervision of skilled nurses. This supports the development of the strong, long-term working relationships between clients and carers that are at the heart of our success.

We deliver a wide variety of training to ensure that carers meet the needs of all our service users.

Our Complex Care Programme includes the following:


• Diabetes Awareness
• Stroke Care
• Continence Care for Male and Female
• Palliative Care/End of Life,
   including Death, Dying and Bereavement
• Learning Disability
• Dementia Awareness
• Alzheimer’s
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Autism and Aspersers
• Challenging Behaviour, Control and
   Restraint, MAPA Techniques
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Mental Capacity Act 2005
• Epilepsy
• Nasogastric Tube
• PEG Care, Feed and Medication via PEG

• Aspiration
• Bipap, Cpap and Oxygen Machine
• Cough Assist Machine Training
• Pressure Area Control and Care
• Observation Training - including Blood
   Pressure Monitoring
• Brain Injury Training
• Spinal Injury Training
• Person Centred Planning
• Wound Care
• Suction Machine Training
• Insulin Injection Techniques
• Diet and Nutrition
• Risk Assessments
• Muscular Dystrophy Awareness
• Peristeen Training

To enquire about any of the services listed above please do not hesitate to contact us on 01922 626064 / 07715 497972 or enter your details on the Callback Form and one of our staff members will contact you.

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